Posted on April 1, 2009


Not that there really needs to be explanation or even justification for this blog, I felt the need – okay, need is perhaps strong; want – to post opinions of television shows, movies, bar mitzvahs, kids’ lemonade stands, and other popular forms of entertainment to get my voice out there.  You might agree, you might not.  The point, though, is to give me a place to blather on without concern.

If you find something and you happen to like it, welcome.  If you find something you hate, feel free to berate my mother.  (Here, not in person.)  Of course, don’t be shocked by a response.  When I can get my ass off the couch, that is.

Generally, I don’t expect this to be seen by anyone.  But ya never know.  Now, my blog about unpopular forms of entertainment; that might be a different story…

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