Review Format

You’ll no doubt see a number of changes along the way as the blog searches for a distinct identity and style. In the meantime, in an effort to format the reviews in some semblance of a compelling way, you’ll find the following sections.

Found at the head of the review, this section includes a brief logline summary and a rating of the episode. Current format for the rating is an X out of 10 system. (ex. 6/10)

This section also appears on the main page to tease the review.

Review Trailer
The Summary section is followed by this section, which serves as a brief recap of events of the movie, TV episode, album, song, etc., as well as a preview of reactions or thoughts expressed fully in the in-depth review.

This section follows the Review Trailer and can include any number of things that adds insight into the review. For example, with the first review of any television show, this section offers Show Title and Me, a background on the relationship of the show and the author. In subsequent reviews of that show, that background won’t be included. This section could also include any relevant setup information on a film or TV series to help place events discussed in the review.

Feature-Length Review
The full in-depth review. Otherwise known as the ‘blathering on’ section.

This section offers any additional information pertaining to the item reviewed, such as a list of events that affect the overall story arc of television series.

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